The Moberly Senior Dancers

The Moberly Senior Dancers are currently on pause.   They were most recently led by contemporary dance artists Anna Kraulis and Olivia Davies.  Stay tuned for updates for 2022.

The group began meeting in September 2013 with a few of the participants who had already been meeting regularly as a knitting group. With the leadership of dance artist Jacci Collins and assistant Anna Kraulis, this group of women wove connections across cultures. With representation from the South Asian, Chinese and Philippine communities, diversity has been integral to their practice and provides many opportunities for learning. The dancing group explores creative expression through movement, sound and facial expression. Elements of traditional Chinese dance and Bhangra dancing have been shared by group members, and the group has gone on to form knitting and conversational English groups, as well as joining in with other seniors who practice T’ai Ch’i on the Moberly grounds in the early morning.

If you are interested in participating in seniors arts programming at Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre, please contact Oliver McTavish-Wisden.


Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre
7646 Prince Albert Street
Vancouver, BC V5X 3Z4

2013 - 2020

Artists Olivia Davies Anna Kraulis Jacci Collins

"I have noticed that the seniors really benefit from this type of programming. Their health improves, new friendships form and their sense of community increases. Seniors need stimulation to age well."

Cheryl Palidda, Coordinator

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