Renfrew Park Community Centre

The Renfrew Arts Group painted together in acrylics and mixed media for six years. Most of the participants began with no painting experience and yet, over the years, they became talented and enthusiastic artists.

Lead artist, Yoko Tomita, encouraged participants to let go of judgment and paint by letting the heart lead. This creative process challenges both the mind and the physical ability to express feelings. The group also engaged in healthy critiques as they shared positive opinions and suggestions. This positive attitude and support became integral to the group – a creative family that paints together.

Through exploring and experimenting with sketch, abstraction, colour and form, and by using overarching themes such as flower, water and bird, artists sought and found direction for each canvas.

As they developed their work and shared the stories it generated, they also built confidence in their ability to express their feelings using a variety of new painting techniques, compositions, colors and forms.

If you are interested in participating in seniors’ arts programming at Renfrew Park Community Centre please contact Cheryl Palidda.

Renfrew Park Community Centre
2929 E 22nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5M 2Y3

2009 - 2013

Artists Yoko Tomita

"I never knew I could paint! Now my husband and I paint together."

Ingrid, Participant

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