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Digital storytelling is a short form of media production that enables people to tell stories by drawing upon the techniques used in film, such as full-motion video with sound, animation, stills or audio only. Since its inception as part of the Arts & Health project in 2007, the Silver Harbour Digital Storytellers Group has created a wealth of short digital videos based on memories. These videos tell stories from their early personal lives, of travel and place, significant moments in their lives and memories of those who have passed away.

When the project graduated out of Arts & Health funding program, the camaraderie and bond that had developed between the members was so strong that the group continued into 2014, supporting themselves with the encouragement of Annwen Loverin, Silver Harbour’s Executive Director. Gordon Loverin, artist and videographer, generously volunteered his time to their work, and his expertise, warmth, and affable personality maintained its high technical standards. Many earlier works created using audio and still photographs. Gordon encouraged the group to include more live action video in their work as part of their film-making journey.

At present, the group continues to use the facilities and equipment at Silver Harbour and is able to contribute payment in return. They draw upon the skills and expertise they have developed over the years as they continue their creative journey together. From time to time, their work is enriched by visits from notable artists in the field.

The Silver Harbour Digital Storytellers Group wish to thank Gordon Loverin for his generous support and advice. They also invite you to view some of their work on youtube: Silver Harbour Stories

If you are interested in participating in seniors activities at Silver Harbor Seniors Centre, please contact Annwen Loverin.

Silver Harbour Centre
144 E 22nd Street
North Vancouver, BC V7L 4L5

2006 - 2013

Artists Lisa G Nielsen Corin Browne Patti Fraser Caleb Johnston Ariel Kirk- Gushowaty Francis Heng Lisa Pham Gabriel Forsythe

"Through this group of stories the viewer will be transported into the personal worlds of the storyteller. Honest, brave, important stories that come from the heart. These are thoughtful stories that, in the end, make the whole process look easy.”

Liza G Nielsen, Lead Artist

"I have been a participant since 2006 and learning about digital camera work and computers has been very helpful for me. I believe it’s improved my mental health significantly because I’m always learning something new in the workshop. When we talk about health, both physical and mental activity are necessary and this workshop certainly helps with that."

Shirley Lytle, Participant

”I already feel that seniors are becoming more comfortable using technology. I can see the seniors making connections with each other through this art initiative. Throughout the project as I get into it, I know that I will also make a stronger connection with the seniors and that’s something very special to achieve as an artist.”

Lisa Pham, Intern

“The Arts and Health Project has helped the seniors in significant ways. One of the participants who was living in a care facility move into assisted living because she was getting healthier as a result of this art workshop. We have also had amazing family revolutions and experiences as a result of the bond the group had formed with each other. For example, we had one of the participants reconnect with a family member and she was able to do so as a result of the support given to her by the artists and other seniors. The senior participants at Silver Harbour digital storytelling workshops are passionate advocates for this project."

Annwen Loverin, Executive Director of Silver Harbour Seniors Center


My Story by W.A. Finlayson and Corin Browne (2010)


This year, lead artist and videographer Lisa g Nielsen with associate artists Ariel Kirk- Gushowaty and Francis Heng played with the theme of “architecture of memory” and whatever that should mean to The Silver Harbour Digital Storytellers.


The Digital Storytelling Project was led by artist Corin Browne and artist intern Lisa Pham.


Gabe Forsythe, the lead artist, and Alana Stewart, the intern for the Digital Storytelling Project in 2010 worked with the senior participants to create video poems and stop motion narratives. Stop motion is a film technique that involves animating, inanimate objects. This is achieved by capturing the action of the inanimate object using one frame at a time. The result was two wonderful pieces that involved a difficult film technique.


The Digital Storytelling Project was led by artists Patti Fraser and Corin Browne. This year, the two lead artists worked with the seniors to create videos exploring the themes of healthy aging, creativity and community.


The Digital Storytelling Project was facilitated by artists Patti Fraser and Caleb Johnston.


The Digital Storytelling Project was facilitated by artists Patti Fraser and Corin Browne.


Prior to 2006, a number of seniors wanted to record their stories as well as local history in video. As a result of this interest the Lynn Valley Seniors Association, the North Shore Neighbourhood House, Capilano Services Society and Silver Harbour Seniors’ Centre developed a partnership that helped recruit seniors for the new Art and Health Project in 2006. The first year of the project the seniors concentrated on basic digital media skills, writing and editing. The seniors then showcased their work at the “Day at the Oscars”, a community celebration and showcase event in North Vancouver, when the participants presented their work and explained to their families, friends and the public what it meant to them to be a part of this project.

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