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August 14, 2023

Tsleil-Waututh Nation Elders Puppetry Project


In early 2020, members of the Tsleil-Waututh Elders Arts group and local artists embarked on a collaborative process to explore weaving, puppetry and movement, with the intention of creating a live performance to be showcased at the Roundhouse in June 2020.

“We created paper puppets and made them dance and fly; we wove puppet-sized paper regalia; we built a cardboard canoe and painted a cardboard background of deep forest green trees and a foreground of blue ocean waves, and we cut out a whole school of sparkling fish. But then the pandemic hit and everything came to a screeching halt. Lives were changed and sadly lives were lost. Three years later, in an effort to honour the journey that was started, we gathered again to try and weave all the pieces back together, while acknowledging the losses and adding new threads and new voices. This short video honours all those who paddled together on this beautiful and challenging journey, and everyone who touched the project, and each other, along the way.”

Created by:

Participants: Rosie Dapp, Terry Francis, Desiree George, Margaret George, Norman George, Barb O’Neil, Doreen Parnell, Debbie Sisson, Dennis Sisson, Sandra Sisson, Uncle Spin, Alice Thomas, Connie Thomas, Lorelei Thomas, Luke Thomas, Gail Thomas Powers, Donald Williams, Phillip Williams

Artists: Marcie Baker and Sharon Bayly with Robbie George and lisa g nielsen. Thank you to Michelle Olson.

Elders Activity Coordinator: Calvin Hunt

Arts & Health Coordinator: Caroline Liffmann

July 7, 2023

The Bright Side of Rain by Sound & Song


The latest creation by Roundhouse Sound & Song!

Sound & Song is a weekly online collaborative songwriting workshop that introduces deep listening practices as a means to generate lyrics. Participants meet online to practice singing, write lyrics, and discuss music and song creation. On their own, participants engage in soundwalking and practice experiencing their surroundings through their senses, focusing on sound in particular. During these moments of awareness, they take pictures, videos, and sound recordings to share with the group. These captures then become further inspiration for the collaborative writing process, and in turn are used as visuals in a music video for the finished song.

Created by:

Participants: Russ Atkinson, Seetha Gopalakrishnan, Paramjit Kalkat, Chips Reid, Pat Rose, Shoko Seyedin, Kuniko Shimizu, Shirley Sung, Anne Yue

Artist: Leah Abramson

Language Support: Anne Yue

Site Staff: Kaleb Corbin

April 28, 2023

2023 celebrations- join us!

It’s time to celebrate!

We’re not quite out of pandemic pivoting, but we’re very excited to bring back our in-person Exhibition and lunch celebration on Friday, June 2, at the Roundhouse.

New this year- morning workshop

Performances and presentations are still on pandemic-related hold.  This gives us an opportunity to host a free participatory workshop before lunch.

Current Arts & Health project participants- no need to register, we know you’re coming!

Past Arts & Health participants and other guests, sign up for the free workshop so we know how many folks are coming- you can call the Roundhouse at 604.713.1800 or click  here.

You’ll find out what workshop you’re in on the day of- details coming soon!

For more information: info@artsandhealth.ca

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