The Bright Side of Rain by Sound & Song


The latest creation by Roundhouse Sound & Song!

Sound & Song is a weekly online collaborative songwriting workshop that introduces deep listening practices as a means to generate lyrics. Participants meet online to practice singing, write lyrics, and discuss music and song creation. On their own, participants engage in soundwalking and practice experiencing their surroundings through their senses, focusing on sound in particular. During these moments of awareness, they take pictures, videos, and sound recordings to share with the group. These captures then become further inspiration for the collaborative writing process, and in turn are used as visuals in a music video for the finished song.

Created by:

Participants: Russ Atkinson, Seetha Gopalakrishnan, Paramjit Kalkat, Chips Reid, Pat Rose, Shoko Seyedin, Kuniko Shimizu, Shirley Sung, Anne Yue

Artist: Leah Abramson

Language Support: Anne Yue

Site Staff: Kaleb Corbin

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