What are you hungry for?

For our 2022 year end Celebration, we tried a new way to create and connect.

Each participating Arts & Health group had a couple of weeks to reflect on the question, what are you hungry for?  Then they were match-made with a video artist, who created a short video vignette out of their responses. In June 2022, we came together for an online watch party to see the results- you can see them all here.

Like any creative process might, this art-making pressure cooker contained creative puzzles, tech woes, recording mishaps, tight deadlines- and also, meaningful and moving conversations, beauty, and a fair amount of hilarity. Our guiding values were ease and pleasure. And while it couldn’t replace the depth of our traditional Exhibition and Gala Showcase, where each group shares what they’ve been working on all year, it did create an opportunity for us to make new discoveries about ourselves, each other, and collaborative creation process.  A huge thank you to all the participants, artists and staff who made it happen.  Extra special thanks to our video making team:  danielle Mackenzie Long, Echo Park Film Center’s Lisa Marr and Paolo Davanzo, Hân Phạm, and Sharon Bayly.

Britannia Cedar Bark Hat Weaving/H.A.T.T.A.
Roundhouse Sound & Song
Tsleil-Waututh Nation Elders Arts & Crafts
Carnegie Creativity for Connection
Moberly Writers and Storytellers
UBC Learning Exchange/Strathcona Moving Stories
Roundhouse Improv Theatre for Older Adults

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