Stone Soup

Based at Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre in South Vancouver, Stone Soup is a community project creating a feast of stories and food. Led by Johnny Trinh, each month there are guest artists, cooking lessons led by participants and guest chefs, and group sharing of stories, memories and recipes.  The group explores how communities build culture and pass down culture through generations.  They are building up to special projects like a community cookbook anthology and a grand feast open to everyone.

Stone Soup grew out of the Moberly Writers and Storytellers, which was led by artist Alyssa Martens, and met through the pandemic via old school conference calls.  The group has graduated out from Arts & Health support, and continues to explore storytelling with Johnny and Stone Soup as an Active Alumni Arts & Health group.

To learn more about arts programming for older adults at Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre, contact Oliver McTavish-Wisden.


Fall 2022- Present

Artists Johnny Trin

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