Welcome to our new Artists!

We would like to introduce our new Artists at Carnegie Centre, Strathcona Community Centre, and the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre!

Please join us in wishing a warm welcome to Amy Shostak, Jeff Gladstone, Veronica Berezowsky, and Mark Beaty. Amy & Jeff, who specialize in improvisation, are collaborating at Carnegie to create Improv Theatre for Older Adults. Veronica is a contemporary dance Artist with years of experience with community engaged arts practice and she’s been working with the group at Strathcona to create Moving Stories: Dance for Older Adults. Mark Beaty continues the work Leah Abramson began with the group at Roundhouse for the Sound & Song project.

We also welcome Catrina Longmuir who is using digital storytelling to help the Strathcona Puppeteers celebrate 13 years of shared art practice.

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